Saturday, November 5, 2011

No Shave November!

I think it goes without saying, I am a slacker.... I really suck at keeping this blog updated. Things with school are so crazy right now that this isn't much of a priority. So lets see, I am 32 weeks pregnant! How am I feeling? Excited! Exhausted. Forgetful. Sick. It's crazy to think that in 8 weeks Mike and I will be parents. We are so not ready....

So I guess there is a lot to catch everyone up on... We are having twins!
Just kidding, but that's what everyone seems to think due to my large stomach. Mike and I went to the mall today and within 15 minutes about 10 different people had managed to come up to me and talk about the obvious fact that I am pregnant. Out of the 10 people, 8 of them had something very offensive to say. At this point, I have accepted the fact that I am one big pregnant lady, and I have gotten used to these comments. Mike however, has not. This was Mike's first time hearing the rude and inconsiderate things that some people have to say. He almost lost it! He finally decided he had had enough when a shoe saleswoman with a voice prosthesis stopped us and asked when I was due, I told her December 28th. She then responded oh wow, you are having twins! I just kind of laughed it off and told her that we were just having one... but Mike wasn't laughing. He was in shock, and extremely irritated. We left the mall immediately after... It really was funny though.

So here is a picture of me at 32 weeks: (pregnant with only one child!)

Aside from me getting bigger by the minute, we have been doing a lot of other things. Mainly studying for me, and working for Mike, but we have managed to fit a few fun things in between all the hard work. Last weekend was Halloween and we went to our friends party. We told everyone we were parents from the show "Teen Mom" - clearly a far stretch from the truth, since I am 21! We also carved pumpkins, Michael took this extremely seriously. He made sure I did it correctly, but I guess it worked out for the best because here are our pumpkins:

I did Linus, and Mike did this crazy scary man. As his mom would put it, "A scary Homer Simpson". This probably explains why we didn't have any trick or treaters, but that's okay, because Madeline LOVES Halloween candy!

We have also been working pretty hard at getting the nursery ready for her, and when I say hard, I mean it! I bought a mobile kit off of Etsy, because I thought that it was the cutest thing in the world! Little did I know that it was going to be such a pain in the butt to put together... It took me a good two days and probably a total of 4 hours to get everything together, but it was totally worth it, because I LOVE it!

Aside from a few other things, we really haven't been up to much. I have been starting to feel a lot more pregnant lately though. Not to mention, that I am one of the lucky ladies who has developed stretch marks. Seriously, if you get lost in Atlanta, Call me, because I have what looks to be a map of Georgia growing across my stomach. Another major issue with being pregnant, I can't shave for the life of me... It feels like a very intense workout when I try, and then when I am done, it looks like I let a 4 year old take a razor to my legs. How. Embarrassing. Thankfully it is No-Shave-November, so I have an excuse to slack! In the next couple of weeks we have a lot of exciting things happening, like baby showers, Thanksgiving, and finals!
So I will have a lot of pictures and a lot to write about. I promise to be more consistent.

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