Thursday, August 25, 2011


So everyone has been asking for pictures of the "bump"... and all I can think is, "what in the hell is this bump people keep talking about?!" Because what I have is a lot more than a bump. That's like trying to say you are just going for a hike, but really you are going to climb Mt. Everest. OR maybe I just feel that way?

So here it is....

Oh, my bad, that is actually a picture of a beached whale... Lately I can't tell the difference. We will leave the picture up anyways, for the sake of comparing. I think the main reason why I feel this way is because my oh so loving husband likes to remind me every chance he gets. He takes every opportunity to remind me that I am FAT and pregnant, but that's okay. I will let him be mean, because in a few more weeks, he is going to be the one shaving my legs! 

 Mike has really been encouraging me to take pictures of my growing belly so that we can show Madeline one day. I have to give him props though, because getting me to pose for a glamour shot has been about as difficult as pulling teethe. I think the funniest part about the whole picture thing, is that we have probably taken about 50. I make him delete every single picture because I look "fat". So I have finally accepted it, it's not the camera that is making me look fat... it is Madeline. So without further delay, here are the real belly pictures:

This is me at 22 weeks.... I couldn't tell you what's going on in the second picture, but I look good...

- Megan

Sunday, August 21, 2011

So that's what Oops really means?!

So, being that the title of our blog is "Oops", Mike and I decided to google the word oops.... of course of all things that could pop up, this was the first thing:
(From Urban Dictionary)

1.oops509 up147 down
(v) to engage in sexual intercourse with the intent, unbeknownst to the partner, of causing a pregnancy. This word is used specifically in instances where one partner believes that birth control is intact or being used, while the other has damaged/removed birth control without the knowledge or consent of the first partner, for an ulterior motive such as forcing the partner into a shotgun wedding situation as a means of securing the partner as a mate, or producing a child that the partner does not yet/ever want. 

I think it goes without saying, that we found this hilarious, and extremely fitting. I took the liberty of highlighting a few key terms.... We couldn't think of a better way to start our blog. I guess we finally decided to start a blog because of all of the people telling us how much we need to, or how important it is for Madeline to see this when she gets older.... although I'm not sure that words out of my mouth will be entirely appropriate for our little girl. We are hoping she turns out better than us... With all joking aside, our situation didn't happen in the most ideal way, but we couldn't be happier and we are SO excited for Madeline to make her debut into the family. I guess this blog will give me something to do while we oh so impatiently await her company... and hopefully some people get a few laughs along the way!