Thursday, May 17, 2012


So I know that I haven't updated this blog in ages... trust me, I am reminded daily. I have a pretty good reason though... believe it or not, I am loving being a mom and I have chosen to dedicate all of my time to Madeline rather than being on my laptop. Things were CRAZY the first couple of months and I am just starting to feel like I can slow down enough to consistently update this thing... just in time for school to start back. Awesome.

I really don't think I could possibly updated everyone on our lives in one post so I think I will spread it out through a couple of updates.
 I'm going to try and keep this post short and sweet.... and crappy.

Okay, so in the first 3 months of Madeline's life, her absolute favorite thing to do was take a bath. If she was grouchy, sad, or just too much to handle rest assured, we could give her a bath and she would calm down. Well, around month 3 all of that changed. Bathing her was a total NIGHTMARE. I swear you would think I was dipping her in acid. I would have been better off bathing a cat (Maybe even a lion). Ever since then I have been trying to come up with ways to make bath time more enjoyable tolerable for her. Recently I have been filling the bathtub with a little bit of water, and setting her in her bath chair and hopping in with her... it seems to help. Every time I do this, Mike always comments that he "wishes she would poop on me." Well, today while Mike was at work, Madeline spit up all over herself and covered her beautiful (reddish) hair with crust spit up. Clearly a bath was needed. Just as I had gotten in the tub and placed her in her bath chair I heard a very long, drawn out grunt. "Oh, no!" I thought, I knew exactly what that noise meant, she was granting Mike's wish. "That little monster baby is taking a poop!"Sure enough, she was. Before I had time to do anything the bath tub QUICKLY filled with her crap. I think I started to panic, and everything kind of went blank. (Okay it wasn't THAT bad, but it wasn't enjoyable) I felt trapped, and really dirty. She must have thought the sight of me panicking was funny because she started to laugh (which almost made taking a poop bath worth it). After cleaning her up and cleaning the bath tub, it was time to try again. Luckily this time she was pooped (literally) and didn't fuss or fight bath time. I even got her to play in the water and splash around a bit.

I love her more than anything. Poop and all.