Wednesday, September 28, 2011

In the Middle

About time I updated this thing....
I know, I have really been slacking on the whole blogging thing, but in my defense I have been extremely busy, with life. All I do is go to school, study, eat, and sleep. What would I like to do? Go to school, occasionally study, and frequently come home and down Margaritas! Now that would be the life! I really haven't had anything to write about except Organic Chemistry and Genetics... neither of which would be interesting to you, I assume.

Mike and I have been living a VERY exciting life. In the past month we have gone to a crafts festival, gone for walks in the park, registered for baby stuff, put together all of Madeline's furniture for her room, and consistently gone to bed (no later than) 10:30.... Ha, one night I was passed out by 8:30. I always imagined I would be going to bed at 8:30 when I was the ripe age of 21. Yeah, maybe 8:30 a.m.

So proud of him for putting it all together! Stud!

You know how I know we are lame? We are way to excited about putting together Madeline's room. Today we got a package from my Grandma and Cousin, it was of the bedding from Pottery Barn Kids that I have been dying for, and it made our entire week! It was extremely sweet and thoughtful, so I just wanted to give a shout out if they are reading this!
Here is a sneak peak at the nursery (which is nowhere near finished):

& A VERY special thanks to my wonderful sister for making this quilt which we love!

On a side note:
Has anyone watched the television show "The Middle"?! It's about a pretty strange lower middle class family... The strangest character of them all is Sue Heck, by far. She is the daughter and she is pretty much bad at anything and everything, extremely awkward, and just odd. Why am I telling you this? Because Mike has convinced me is that Madeline is going to turn out to be a "Sue Heck"... this terrifies me, and when I say terrify, I mean I can't handle 2 of Mike! That's not even the worst part, the worst part is that Mike is excited about her turning out like that. If she turns out like "Sue Heck" I will blame Mikes genetic material... forever.

It scares me to think that THIS could be inside of this:
Yes, I am aware, I am getting HUGE. But that's okay because if i'm growing, she is growing... which is really exciting, because the more she grows, the more I can feel her kick, and Mike and I love feeling her kicks! They are so powerful, and she moves a lot. But we honestly fall in love a little more with every kick!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

"Semen is like acid!"

"Semen is like acid...and the only way for it not to be, is if you get married"

Now I'm sure anyone reading this is thinking "What in the hell?! Where did she learn sex ed?"... well that little bit of sex ed, is what Michael has decided he is going to tell Madeline when it comes time for the sex talk. If you ask me, that sounds a little like the pot calling the kettle black. I think it is safe to say that I will be in charge of that dreadful talk, which won't happen until many years from now. I almost died from laughing so hard when Michael told me this. In a way it is obvious that he is totally unprepared for fatherhood, on the other hand, it sounds like a typical Dad thing to so. This poor girl has no clue what is in store for her....

On a different note, we went shopping this weekend, and happened to hit up a carters store. It had some of the most adorable little baby clothes. If you don't believe me, then just ask Mike. While shopping in Carters, we wandered away from each other... when he came over to find me he just wanted to let me know "that there was a really cute outfit on the other side of the store, you might want to take a look at it". So he took me over to see it. That was when he pulled out the most girly outfit in the whole store, and said look "It has a little bear hat, and a matching blanket, and the outfit even has a little pink bear on it". I just kind of looked at him, and said "you want this?" He bashfully shook his head yes. Enough said, we bought it. It was just so funny though, because Mike clearly wanted it, he was just embarrassed to admit that he liked something so girly. It's cute to see him getting so excited.
So here is the picture famous outfit (with the matching bear hat)

I just thought I would share those two things. Hopefully they make you laugh as much as they made me laugh...

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hide and Seek

I honestly don't know where to start with this post, I don't even have anything that I really wan't to talk about. I guess I could start with the fact that Monday was my 21st Birthday! Ha... I have to admit, it was not quite what I had in mind for my 21st. I kind of imagined it would be a combination between Katy Perry's "Friday Night" and a night in the life of Ke$ha. Oh BOY! Was I wrong. Sobriety was the last thing I had planned...correction: having a little baby growing inside of me was REALLY the last thing I imagined. All I can say is that on Madeline's 21st birthday, she is going to be sitting at home (sober) watching Michael and I take multiple bear fights while Golden Girls is playing on the TV. Payback really is a bitch. 
Okay, with all joking aside, Madeline must have known that it was my birthday because for the first time EVER, Michael actually felt her move! It was really exciting!!

Last night Mike and I decided to get our feet wet in the whole child care thing... so we baby sat our neighbors little girl. Let's just say that Michael is NOT cut out for a little girl. Poor Michael had to give up playing HALO to let her watch a princess movie (i know what you guys are thinking, "wow hell must have froze over", but it didn't, I think we are on to something) On a more positive side, we did have a blast playing hide and seek. A lot more fun than any adult should openly admit..

I posted another picture. I know, I look like I am 9 months in this picture, but don't worry I'm only 23 weeks! I can't imagine what im going to look like when it's finally time to have her. On a side note, Mike and I discovered a really disturbing thing about my stomach.... If we push on it, I have an outtie... maybe that's what I will have a picture of in my next blog.