Wednesday, November 16, 2011

So I know I complain a lot about being pregnant... frankly, just because it sucks, but the worst part about being pregnant isn't the whole "being a host" thing. It's the getting up every 2 minutes to pee that I have the real issue with! I am the size of a cow, clearly I just want to be lazy - and having to get up frequently is getting in the way of this mess.

So let's see ... 42 more days until Madeline is here! Mike and I would probably be a lot more excited about this but....

  1.  We really haven't gotten entirely too much for her. We plan on getting it all after the baby showers, but still we feel like total slackers. Especially when I am getting friendly reminders from to install my car seat..... What carseat?!
  2. We are really not excited because we made a terrible, huge, mortifying mistake... and we REALLY regret it! Okay before you get worried that I am referring to Madeline, I am not. I am referring to the stupid decision we made to watch a view of a woman giving birth. It was disgusting. I have no clue why I suggested we do it. I guess out of curiosity. Regardless, watching the video has made me realize that Madeline is more than welcome to stay in the womb, forever.
On a better note, this semester is almost over! I have been extremely busy studying, writing papers, and doing a genetics project. I am supposed to create my own plasmid DNA... I don't really see the point, I mean I made an ENTIRE PERSON! I feel like I have more than earned an A in that class. 

These next few weeks will be really exciting though. This weekend Mike and I have a date night at the Aquarium for his work... did I mention that it is open bar? Ah, if only... Nonetheless I am really excited about going to the aquarium,, but i'm not too sure how I feel about being the largest mammal in the aquarium this time around. (Yes, including the whales).

This weekend Mikes mom is throwing us a baby shower, and I am very excited about that! Then the following week is Thanksgiving, and then another baby shower.... not to mention finals. So I should have PLENTY to update everyone on!

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